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My name is Adan Doss. I'm a sixteen-year-old sophmore who attends Lake Travis High School. I am a hard working athlete who wrestles. My passion for sports, changing lives, and working hard has inspired me to help

co-found Battle-Brothers.

My name is Tanor Offel. I'm a sixteen-year-old sophmore who attends Lake Travis High School. I'm a devoted athlete, and my passion for running, wrestling, and helping others has inspired me to co-found Battle-Brothers.

My name is Caden Offel. I am fourteen years old. I’m in 9th grader at Lake Travis High School and I am a wrestler at 3F. I began racing when I was 8.  I compete because I love to challenge myself and i love the competition.

Hi, I'm Evan Brin and I am sixteen years old. I have been running as one of the founders of the Battle Brothers for about 5 years. I was one of the few that helped create the organization Battle Brothers. Ever since I met Tanor and Caden (the founders) we had found an unbreakable bond. I am so glad that I get to spend my time working hard with my friends and raising money and awareness for our different cause.

My name is Evan Parkerson, I am sixteen years old. I am a varsity Cross Country runner for Lake Travis High School and I have a passion for helping others. With this passion, I have been grateful enough to run with such a great group of people. Being able to spend my weekends working and raising awareness for causes is something that is indescribable. 

My name is Julian Zantua, I'm a fiftenn-year-old Sophmore who attends Lake Travis High School. I am an athlete who, lifts and wrestles. Working hard, my passion and my strangely convincing friends have inspired me to find my goal of helping others and co-found Battle-Brothers.

My name is Tyler Sturm, I'm a sixteen-year-old Sophmore and I attend Lake Travis High School. I fell in love with running a few years ago with my friend Evan Brin. I love doing photography and being able to help others. My passion for running has grown much greater now that I can run for greater causes.

My name is Jesse Courts. I am sixteen years old and go to Lake Travis High School. I love getting outdoors, wrestling. Running and changing lives with the Battle Brothers has helped me realize that there will always be someone in need and I love helping these people and changing their lives.

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