About Us

My name is Tanor Offel. I'm a seventeen-year-old Junior who attends Lake Travis High School. I'm a devoted athlete, and my passion for running, wrestling, and helping others has inspired me to co-found Battle-Brothers.

My name is Caden Offel. I am fifteen years old. I’m a sophomore at Lake Travis High School and I am a wrestler at 3F. I began racing when I was 8.  I compete because I love to challenge myself and i love the competition.


My name is Adan Doss. I'm a seventeen-year-old Junior who attends Lake Travis High School. I am a hard-working athlete who wrestles. My passion for sports, changing lives, and working hard has inspired me to help

co-found Battle-Brothers.


My name is Julian Zantua, I'm a sixteen-year-old Junior who attends Lake Travis High School. I am an athlete who, lifts and wrestles. Working hard, my passion, and my strangely convincing friends have inspired me to find my goal of helping others and co-found Battle-Brothers.


My name is Aidan Williams. I am a Junior at Lake Travis HS. I also wrestle at 3F and have been wrestling for 8 years. My passion for sports and academics make me the person I am today. I like to compete, push myself, and make a change.


My name is Issac Slade. I am a Senior at Lake Travis HS. I am a 2-time state qualifier on the wrestling team. I started my own moving company called "High School Haulers". I like to help my community in any way possible.


My name is Evan Brin. I am a Junior at Lake Travis HS. I enjoy filming and going thrifting. I joined Battle Brothers because of the culture that it has. I have been racing with the Offel Brothers since fifth grade.


My name is Gabe Tinoco. I am a Senior living in California but I'm close to the Offel brothers. I am on the varsity lacrosse team. I love to wakeboard and wake surf and I also love to help those in need as well as my community.


My name is Ace Mariano. I am a Senior at Lake Travis HS and I am on the varsity wrestling team. I like to hang out with my friends and go to the lake. I contribute to my community by being a member of High School Haulers and Battle Brothers.


My name is Tyler Sturm. I am a seventeen-year-old Junior at Lake Travis HS.  I like to listen to music and hang out with my friends. I joined Battle-Brothers because of my close friendship with Tanor.